Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its been awhile...

Wow... It's been awhile since I've written in here!! I've had alot of thoughts lately, i guess i just didn't know how to wright them down...

A lot has been happening! My photography is getting bigger and better everyday! I'm getting so excited! I'm going to be working on building my Client-tell in California, but also Arkansas, because I visit so often! So wish me luck! lol

Chelsea's living down in California with Drew and I now!!!! It's so wonderful to have her here! I cant believe how long we went without living near each other before! lol. She now has a job at Starbucks and she's building her own little side business! Her yummy goodies that she bakes!!

I've started Yoga! And joined a Yoga Studio called YogaWorks! And I'm in loveeee! I'm actually going tonight! YEY!

I feel like i need to write more... hmm.... Oh yeah, I totally have Baby fever.... its awful, i feel like i need to STOP thinking i want a baby, and at the same time I'm telling myself "no! you are ready for a baby". But i look at my age, I'm only going to turn 24 in July! thats so young! I dont know, what do you think?

Anywho, I keep manifesting for my photography to build and grow everyday! I'm just so excited to be able to do my dream job on the side right now! <3 I'm just trying to get all my label's and such going! AH! I'm going to go to Office Depot this weekend, if i'm not able to go this week! I need to get things started!

So if you guys are interested in getting your picture taken, shoot me an email! or visit my website : kristenstokes.com

Okay, I'll try to update more often! I'll try to write tomorrow! :)