Monday, October 25, 2010

Babies Babies Babies

It's been a baby weekend! One of my bestfriends just had her Baby Boy, Merrik (I'll be updating my Photography Blog with pictures of Jasmin and Merrik this week)!! And one of my Oldest friends Chrystal, just had her baby boy Liam last month, but had a welcoming Liam to the world party yesterday! Liam is adorable! I'm so happy for both of my friends!!! They are both blessed with beautiful baby boys!

Today, I'm going to visit little Merrik! He's now home, and i cant wait to see that little face again! I got him a few outfits!!! I cant wait to show Jaz!

Oh my goodness, babies... i cant stop but think about when i get to have kids! I know its going to be ALOT of work! But i cant wait! I mean i can wait... i have to AT LEAST go to New York before i have a kid! I want to enjoy a few more years, being with Drew... doing things we wouldn't be able to do, if we have kids.

I think I'll make a list for myself!
Things to do before children:
- Visit New York
- Road Trip up to Canada
- Photography be my main income
- Live in something bigger than a 1 bedroom apartment

Maybe its good I cant think of anything else! lol...

I miss my mom and sister! I'll be out there in 9 days! And, i cant wait!

Also, having dinner with Carole tonight, which is ALWAYS a good time! And of course, going to see Merrik after! :D

So, I guess I'll talk to drew about my little bit of Baby Fever. lol... honestly, i think Drew doesn't want to hear it... lol... which is good! lol... I'm not ready, its just a nice thought.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A week away from Halloween!

Hello.... me? I dont think anyone reads this! lol... but I'm going to write anyways...

Since Drew and I got married, I feel like I've been alittle bitchy.... and we've been challenged with working on our relationship... Its weird, after 6 years, we get married, and now we are faced with little issues we really never considered! Or realized! But I love that we are able to talk through them, and fixed what makes us unhappy! I love that i get to grow old with this man i get to now call my Husband! :) I'm so excited to fight with him, make up, laugh, tell stories, kiss, just hold hands, and have a wonderful married life with him... He is my soul-mate, my bestfriend and I'm one of the luckiest ladies in the world, because i found him, my love, Mr. Drew Stokes.

There was a reason I opened up this new post... and now i cant remember what it is... Dont you hate when that happens?

Well, I guess when i think of it, I'll be updating a new post! lol