Thursday, October 21, 2010

A week away from Halloween!

Hello.... me? I dont think anyone reads this! lol... but I'm going to write anyways...

Since Drew and I got married, I feel like I've been alittle bitchy.... and we've been challenged with working on our relationship... Its weird, after 6 years, we get married, and now we are faced with little issues we really never considered! Or realized! But I love that we are able to talk through them, and fixed what makes us unhappy! I love that i get to grow old with this man i get to now call my Husband! :) I'm so excited to fight with him, make up, laugh, tell stories, kiss, just hold hands, and have a wonderful married life with him... He is my soul-mate, my bestfriend and I'm one of the luckiest ladies in the world, because i found him, my love, Mr. Drew Stokes.

There was a reason I opened up this new post... and now i cant remember what it is... Dont you hate when that happens?

Well, I guess when i think of it, I'll be updating a new post! lol

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