Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Husband is Mad

My poor husband, he's not happy with his job right now and I'm trying to think of things to make it better for him. i'm not all that happy with my job either, but it pay's and bills! But, I just hope going out with his friends tonight will help it alittle bit! It just breaks my heart when i see him upset or hear it in his voice! I just want to pay for him to go to the spa or something for a day and just RELAX! lol... I wonder if he would like that?! I need to make more money!

I've been craving to take photos! Tomorrow, I'm heading to the beach to take pictures of Emily and her boy Thomas! Last weekend, i had 2 photo sessions lined up... and they both CANCELED! It was horrible! But, I have so many ideas i want to start! First, making a business card to start handing out! I need to build my portfolio! And I'm so excited to do it! This upcoming weekend, I'll be doing a Baby Session! I'm very excited for! New experiences are amazing!

All in all, I miss Arkansas like crazy! I cant wait until November! And I'm going to talk to my Mama about Christmas! If she can come down here? or I go down there! I just dont want to be away from my sister on another Christmas! :(

But I'm going to go look into that Spa Idea... and see what i can do!

Update soon :)

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