Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crazy Crazy Lady, I am...

Wow... Who would have thought that i would be Married by 23, thinking about buying a house or condo... and thinking about babies(shhh, dont tell Drew)?!... hahaha
Not that I dont want Drew to know... Its just we want kids when we have a house or a condo or something we own, and can raise our baby somewhere nice. I always go off and on with baby fever...

But this past weekend was so busy and crazy! Let me start off by saying, I have been really negative lately, and i have no idea why!?!? I just need to relax... and not worry so much! And I really need to think positively! Anyways, This weekend we went camping with our friends Robert, Lawren, Vanessa, Melissa, Krysten, and Mike. We were going somewhere 4 hours away... and i dont know why, but i wasn't looking forward to it. All in all, we got to the camp ground at 10pm on friday and set up camp, and stayed up drinking and hanging out. The next morning, we all got up, and it was already almost to 100 degrees! All in all we went to the lake for a couple of hours, and then headed back to camp to eat lunch... or so we thought. Robert (who was going to make lunch for all of us) started feeling really bad from the heat. So, we saw another camp ground that had alot of shade, and we ended up moving (with permission from the people in charge of the camp ground). All in all, after we set up our new campsite, people came over and said we were in there camp...?!?! So after moving everything, we had to pack-up again and end up packing it all in the cars... (i'm leaving alot of drama out of this....) but we decided to leave and go home, after 2 hours of moving all of our stuff and packing all of our stuff in the 100 degree weather twice! I was so happy to just leave and go home! We ended up going to BJ's and eating ALOT of food, and enjoying the air-conditioning! Thats why, Vanessa and I look so happy in that picture! ^^

Anywho, after that crazy 15 hour camping trip.... we ended up going over to Krysten and Mikes for dinner with the Camping Fam. It was so much fun, lots of food, alcohol, and a game called Killer Bunnies! hahaha, It's so fun and weird and funny. And last night we also had the camping fam come together and have dinner again! So all in all, the weekend was a success! I loved it!

Also, this weekend Drew and I started talking about buying a Condo... I'm really excited! My friend Lawren is referring me to her Aunt to help up look for something in our price range. I'm really excited to get that started! AH!

All in all, Married life is amazing! One month today! I cant believe it!...

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