Tuesday, April 27, 2010

love... love... love

I dont know what it is lately... but Drew and I are just... happy. Nothing in our way... we talk about things when they worry us, and we both have ideas to solve them, or we just make each other feel better.

The other night we were figuring out our finances for the wedding. And, it was so nice to just talk about how we were going to make everything work, in a mature way. No one got mad at one another or yelled or stressed.

All i have to say, is that i'm the LUCKIEST girl in the world. Drew is everything. Everything wonderful. I just cant believe we are going to be starting our life's together already! I'm so excited, and scared at the same time.

And Drew's birthday is coming up... AH! I cant believe all the things coming up this summer! Drew's bday, Em's Prom, Em's Graduation, My birthday, Chelsea's birthday, Emily's birthday... and WEDDING.... so much to do!

Okay, i'll update later.

Friday, April 9, 2010


It's so strange how people can drift apart, and only one of them cares still...

This girl Sami... Its like... we were really close. But then her boyfriend tells me she talks crap about me? but then she is really helpful with problems i have, or jut listens to me. Then we ignore each other for months. Then she comes out of the blue again!!?!? I dont get it?! She is so strange, and yet, she was on of my bestfriends?! but why? I know she doesn't feel the same about me! hahahaha... its like im complaining about a guy. I just need to get over it. I need to stop. I need to stop making things seem like it was my fault! I need to stop making the first moves! How dare her not want to be my friend. I'm a really good friend!
Last night Lawren was asking me how i can be friends with Fran. I explained she is one of my bestfriends... and i know she is selfish... butttt... i love her and she has her good side too! I dont know. I'm so much better at not letting people walk all over me... but sometimes its still hard to stick up for myself?!?! WHY, why is that so hard?? It should just be... EASY!

I dont know. GR

I'll write later, i need to get to work!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



I'm getting more and more excited everyday!
But the things i still need to do! AH!

1) Pick our cake
2) Flowers! (bouquet's and the flowers up front)
3) Choose our food we are serving
4) Get Contacts!
5) Get Extensions!
6) Pick my shoes!
7) Bridesmaid Gifts!
8) Buy Drew's wedding ring
9) Make List's for Bridal Shower (Cali & Ark)
10) Make Innovations
11) Table Chart!
12) PhotoBook!

And so much more! BUt im so excited!
I just cant wait! I need to get a move on though! only EXACTLY 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!! I cant believe I'll be married in 4 months?!?! Kristen Stokes.... hmmm... kinda crazy...