Thursday, September 16, 2010

Me, Crazy?

Sometimes i think that i try WAY too hard to stay friends with people. And sometimes i feel I am too needy of a friend. I have some friends that i know we are always going to be friends, and we get together every 2 to 4 months and just catch up... But some of my other friends, i feel have the tendency to walk all over me or take me for granted... (but i could be wrong! lol)

-Just to chime in for a minute about this "walking all over kristen" aspect... I've gotten alot stronger of a person and I stick up for myself, and say what i mean and not to let people walk over me....- YEAH!

It's just, some people are not very grateful for how much i go out of MY way to do/get something for them. AHH... I hate that this gets to me... It's just a few people in my life are alittle tiring... And to be honest, I'm done. I told myself today that I'm only getting a hold of my Mama, Sister, Drew, Josh, Mom (Kathy), and Emily... If anyone actually wants to put forth the effort to contact me, instead of my ALWAYS getting a hold of them. lets see how this goes....

But on a bright note! I'm super busy with my Photography! And So very excited to be so busy!!! Drew and I are making the Website! and I have a Baby Shoot coming up this Sat! Wish me luck, I've never taken pictures of a baby before! And I'll be doing Jazmin's Maternity Shoot on Sunday! BUSY BUSY! Also, going to be doing the second half of Kailey's Head Shots next weekend! and a Family Portrait session in the next few weeks! AH! I'm so blessed to have people love my Photography, and trust me to get wonderful shots for them! I'm so excited my dream is coming true.

P.S. I love married life. And I love my Husband! He is the best thing in my life! and the more caring!

But i do miss my bestfriend/sister.... I cant wait for her to be out here!

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