Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weird Feeling

Sometimes i feel weird. Like I'm not kristen...

Lately I've been just kind of blah.... And no matter what i do... i cant get out of this funk. It's so weird, because things are really looking up for me, with starting my Photography, having wonderful friends, being married to the most wonderful man in the world! And I should be on cloud 9, but i just cant get there?!

I miss my sister like crazy. And I just cant wait to go to Arkansas for a weekend in November! I miss my mama and sister :( Maybe i just miss family time! Now that the wedding is over, we are just doing our own thing, and I've been shooting (photos) every weekend for the past 3 weekends. I LOVE IT! I just hope i really get my photography out there! I'm so excited! AH!

Tonight, Mandy and I will be hanging out, and that will be nice to see her again. I miss talking to her...

Okay, I'll stop complaining about being blah! I know I'm the only one to get out of this feeling! And I'm going to try hard!

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