Thursday, June 2, 2011

Saw Mandy last night

Last night i went out with my friend Mandy, after doing a Yoga class with Lawren. I'm so sore from it! :)

My friend Mandy and I get together every 2 months or so, and just catch up. Its always so nice, because she is one person i can be totally honest with. I never have to try to be someone else, or want to be someone else. Anywho, we got together last night and just talked and talked... it was really nice to just hang out. She's having Wedding Fever, and i admitted i'm having Baby Fever.... lol
I cant wait until she gets married! I told her the idea i have for her and Daniel's Engagement photos! lol, she loved it! YEY! I'm so excited! I'm hoping it comes up soon! I'm so excited!

Anywho. Totally wanting to get pregnant. And it's horrible, because i feel bad for wanting this! I know Drew isn't ready yet... And I think we should wait, just because I'm about to turn 24 and Drew's 23... We have alot of traveling to do!  So I've decided that i just need to push this feeling off for a while!
Who knows how long this is going to last! lol

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