Monday, June 14, 2010


Friendship is a tricky thing.

For years... I've been trying to befriend this girl Mandy. She was Drew's friend when i was living in Arkansas, and there was always something inside me that wanted to be her friend. No one understood why, and honestly, me either. She liked Drew, back when... and flaked on me left and right. One thing was, I was jealous of her... I thought she had this fun crazy life, with a million friends and guys and everyone flocking towards her. AND... She's so beautiful... and i guess, i wanted to be like her. All my friends would say she's ugly... and so on so forth... But honestly, she isn't. I think they would say that for my benefit.


For like 3 years, we would hang out every now and again... catch up... and then like 6 months later, see each other again and catch up. But me, being this needy person, would text her seeing if she wanted to hang out... orrr.. call... She never responded. But for some reason, i kept bugging her. Kept asking... And Drew would ask me to stop, because i would get so upset... So one day, i decided, she wasn't worth it, obviously i wanted a friendship that she didn't. So i stopped.

But one day, i think i texted her about getting together.... and we ended up talking about everything. What she was going through and what i was going through. It was a good talk.
But... as it always went, we would not talk for months, and then get together again.

Just lately, Mandy and I started hanging out weekly. WHICH HAS NEVER HAPPENED EVER. And we are getting to know each other and learn what a friendship is. And she said to me on Friday, "there are three people who have never gave up on me, and that is Daniel, my cousin, and you". I think it was in the stars for me to stay by her, even when she didn't return the friendship to me. Everything is meant to be, right? We have the most amazing talks. I dont talk to anyone the way we talk about things. And maybe thats because Mandy is a very emotional person, and she brings that out of me... or just because its really easy to talk to her.

Anyways, I'm really greatful for her friendship... She is one of my bestfriends. :)

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