Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Believe it.

I always pictured my life turning out a different way. Not that my life is bad or anything. I just thought it would be different. I thought i would move to New York... and make something great for myself... live by myself... find my love... get married around 26? have babies at 27 or 28.... i guess it was just my thoughts running wild! lol

I moved out to California... Thinking Drew and I could be together whenever we wanted now! Finally be together!!! And then I moved in with AnnMarie, which was my first mistake I didn't see coming. I didn't stay in school... I thought i didn't belong with Drew, because of all the influence from others. I thought i would be with Artist flowing around going on adventures by myself... that was a big for me... being by myself. hmm....

But here I am, 22, about to turn 23. And I'm getting Married to the most wonderful man alive. I dont doubt us... ever. But i do wonder... like anyone else. What if...

What if i stayed broken up with Drew...
What if I took that internship when i lived with AnnMarie?
What if i moved to Ventura with Marissa?
What if i never moved away from Arkansas?
What if i wasn't jealous of Mandy?
What if i never became friends with Sami?

Would things be better?

I'll never know. And i dont want to know, because with everything that happened.... It made me to the person i am today. And I'm liking me! I have GREAT friends, a GREAT Fiance! and I'm going to start my career, and have a GREAT career! lol.

I'm so excited to be marrying Drew. He is my best friend, my love, my soul-mate. I love him more that life its self. And I know this marriage is going to last forever and beyond! I'm so excited to get started! lol

OH! and Drew and I are almost to our 6 years mark! AH!!!!! I cant believe it!

Alright, I need to do another photoshoot of Drew and I :)

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