Friday, July 2, 2010


Vanessa and I went out last night, just to catch up and talk. It was really nice to see her. But talking to her made me remember all my dreams of being independent. My dreams of living in different cities, living by myself, making my own career... I started getting really scared about marriage! And up to this point... i've been thinking in "wife mode". I dont know what it is... I was thinking about babies, and staying home and taking care of the family... when i dont want that, for at least 2 years from now!

It's so crazy how my life has changed within the last year. For the better defiantly! My friends, the wedding, my love with Drew, my puppies, my apartment, just life in general. It's so fun and exciting. And, I realized last night, that i can be married, and become who i want to be. Drew isn't in charge of my or anything, hes just my bestfriend until forever. And I'm so happy i get to share good and bad things with him... and count on him... and just love him. I love him.

Anyways, i just needed to get that thought out. One day, Drew and I will live in New York! hehe...

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